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Monday, January 6, 2014

New Beginnings

One beautiful thing about a new year is that it is a great time for a fresh start.  Reflect on the last year, learn what works, what doesn't and make adjustments. Or in the case of the majority resolutions that will be the same next year because most people quit after the first week if they make it that long.  Instead of resolutions, I decided to try something different last year and my success rate went up enough to continue.

My goals have been separated into eight different categories (spiritual, physical/health, finance, family, home, job/career, leisure, and personal) and each month starting in January I focus on a different category.  That way I don't overload myself and I am achieving more then I was before.

Some of the things accomplished last year was moving into a bigger apartment, getting two cats (more than the original goal but it's extra blessing),  lost some of my weight (over 25 lbs. still have 84 lbs. to go), and started the application process for college.

Going forward (for January/Spiritual) my goals are to make my prayer journal a habit and not hit and miss, study one chapter of the bible every day (I estimate over 5 years to read the whole bible which is my ultimate goal), and to blog at least once a week.  So far, so good.  For Chapter a Day I started with the book of Matthew and am learning and being reminded of so much it feels almost like overload.  But in a good way.  Many topics for future blogs. 

But I must go for now.  Judah has decided that I need to give him attention NOW and after all, I am his human (dogs have owners, cats have humans).  Be praying for you.

God Bless and remember to be a Snakebird.
God's Cole

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