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Monday, February 3, 2014

Who's your Valentine?

 Let's face it, in less than two weeks that "holiday" will be among us.  It's easy for those that have somebody that they can celebrate with, to not feel lonely with.  I've always seen it as the cruelest of holidays, one for the beautiful, popular, and rich.  If you weren't any of those it just felt like rubbing salt in a wound, another reminder that one is alone.  Until I realized that I was looking at the wrong day.

See, my Valentine's day is what others refer to as Good Friday.  It's the day that my Prince Charming held out His arms and said "I Love You This Much" and died for me.  The day that He declared to the world that He would rather die then spend eternity without me (which He did btw).  The day that the gates of Hell shattered and death itself couldn't hold one as mighty as Jesus.  The world got to see first hand what Love really looks like.  And He doesn't stop there but continues to bless and Love those that love Him.

I belong to Jesus, heart, mind, and soul.  I am His valentine and He is mine.  Jesus never came to the earth to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved (John 3:17) and that includes you and me.  So if you're feeling unloved this February 14th, just remember the one that died for you.  If need be, watch the Passion and get a glimpse of what true Love really looks like.  The thought of spending eternity without you tears at His very being.  That's what kept Him on the cross, the knowledge that the cross is the only way to make it happen.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

God Bless and Remember to Always be a Snakebird.
God's Cole

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